About Us

There are two types of employers.

Those that are frustrated with the cost of employee benefits, and those that are frustrated with the cost and want to do something about it!

The O’Halloran Group thinks outside the box. The rising cost of providing health insurance and other benefits to your employees will eventually erode your profit margin to the point of being uncompetitive or even making your business unsustainable. We work with our clients to make sure that decisions are strategic, and not simply the result of a series or reactions to each annual renewal.

We have partnered with best in class vendors in plan management, benefits administration, technology, compliance, health literacy and population health management. Our goal is to guide you in developing a strategic approach to providing high quality, valued and affordable employee benefit program for your organization. We have a small group of select clients that are willing to engage in the process, understand the need for change and are willing to take control.

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